The Phone Ninja

My first blog post, and by golly, it’s still ringing true. I said goodbye to Popeye for another deployment this week. Except now, my lovely readers I am going to tell you a little secret, there will be a mini Popeye on hip very very soon. Let just say it’s been an eight month long secret!
Fingers crossed Popeye comes home from deployment in time to catch the sprog!!!! He has leave booked but as everything is subject to change until he’s here I’m not counting on it if that makes sense.
So soon I will be a navy wife and a mum. Cripes. I am not mature enough to handle this!!!!

Anyway being knocked up has impeded my phone ninja skills, so I am more like “the phone rhino”. As in that rhino at the back of the stampede in Jumangi. Or “The Phone Penguin” but neither of these sound as good. So I guess I’ll just keep tucking my phone into my bra, although there’s not much room left in there either.
Keep that countdown ticking on!

Olive Oyl, Navy wife.

So this is my first blog, so I’m apologising in advance for possible rubbishness.

I would like to discuss a phenomenon close to my heart, one that occurs each deployment. I’ll try to be informative, supportive and witty, but really I just want to reassure myself that I am not completely insane for several months of the year.

Today’s blog is about how I morph from a (fairly) rational, calm, organised (yeahhh….) and generally Independent Woman into “The Phone Ninja”.

The transformation

Ahem…so let me paint a picture for you, the darling love of life sailor has finally left (see my other blog post- “Why doesn’t he just GO!” coming soon).

You’re at home, and if you’re clever (I have never done this), you will have several fantastically distracting activities planned for the next 48 hours.

For the rest of us (OK maybe just me)… you come home, phone your…

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