I don’t believe

I don’t believe the Earth is flat,

That’s not an opinion

That is a fact.

I don’t believe I must always be kind

Or if I walk home alone

That all will be fine

I don’t believe men when they say,

Leaning out of their cars

“I’ve got sweets! Come and play!”

I don’t believe they just want to pee

When slurs, threats and abuse

Are hurled at me.

I don’t believe he’s won 1st place

I see her bumped down to 2nd

That look on her face.

I don’t believe what men say

I look at what they do

Day after day.

Mutilated clits. Women getting hit.

Losing our jobs, scarring our kids.

Dead women daily.

Not an eyelid bats.

Why do you believe them?

Answer me that.